10 of the best (worst) cheesy school photos (and how to get yours)

While preparing for my School Mini Sessions, I came across these hilarious cheesy school photos that I wanted to share with you.

Tips are also provided in case you’d like to recreate them.

You’re welcome!

  1. Encourage your child to smile as hard as they can. School photos are not the place for natural expressions.


2. Make sure your photographer uses a wacky background. Laser beams are best, but you might like an image of a bookcase in the background.


3. Even better, your photographer might decide to shoot against a green screen so that a nifty image can be super-imposed in the background. If this is the case, it will look even cooler if your child is also dressed in green.


4. Thinking of giving your child an elaborate new hairstyle? The day before school photos are taken is the optimum time to do it.


5. If your child has a lovely natural smile, consider making them practise in front of a mirror until they get the hang of the ‘school photo’ grimace.


6. You really need to make sure your child knows how to pose. The more unnatural, the better.


7. If you don’t like your child’s face, hide it. Sunglasses and head wear means every child can be included.


8. Get your moneys worth by insisting that the photographer Photoshops one image over another. Preferably, over your child’s face. This looks really arty.


9. You’re going to want to take their shoes off. But keep thesocks on.


10. No matter how upset the child is, never give up.


(images from www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com)

Brilliant, aren’t they?

I love them too.

However, if you prefer images that are more natural, and you’d like your child to enjoy having their school photographs taken, then check out my Starting School Mini Sessions 2019.

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Probably the most embarrassing photography shoot ever (and it's all because I didn't follow Marie Kondo's instructions)

This is Thomas, my 6-year-old. He loves the studio and has been learning how to take photographs on his own little camera.

This is Thomas, my 6-year-old. He loves the studio and has been learning how to take photographs on his own little camera.


I photographed a lovely family in the studio this morning.

When I have a weekend session, my husband tends to take the kids out of the house. But since it's cold and snowy here today, we decided to keep them at home.

As usual, I spent the morning meticulously cleaning and tending to every detail before the family arrived. As well as spending time on setting up the lights and checking my camera, spare batteries and SD cards, I always scoot around making sure every square inch that clients see of the house is spick and span. Floors gleaming and bread maker doing its thing (nothing says ‘welcome’ like freshly baked bread), I warned the kids not to use the main bathroom after I'd cleaned it- to use our en-suite instead. (I’m sure it’s not just me who does this.)

family photographer aberdeen clutter

I’ve been using the studio as a temporary holding ground while decluttering the house. I hide the mess away in our bedroom when I have a session to shoot. This has been the norm ever since I revisited my ‘tidying festival’ at the start of the year. So this morning, bin bags of all of the items to be discarded, as well as all the random stuff from categories still to be dealt with were crammed into our bedroom. (However, Marie Kondo does say to get the ‘discards’ out of the house ASAP.) They were piled high on top of the bed and they covered the whole floor, leaving a narrow path from the door to the bathroom. (Anyone who has followed Kondo’s advice will know that the mess gets a whole lot worse before it gets better.)

When the family arrived, Thomas, my 6-year-old, popped his head into the studio to say hello. Not often having the opportunity to meet my clients, he was full of excitement. I allowed him to introduce himself then asked him to show Mum to the bathroom while I left ahead of him to make the coffees. He was delighted to be given such an important task and it meant that I got him out of the studio. Great plan. Except Thomas showed Mum into our horrendous room of doom instead of the immaculate bathroom. He must have thought, "I'd better not let her use the main bathroom since Mummy's just cleaned it."

family photographer  aberdeen clutter door handle

My frantic shrieks (and probably the sight before her) stopped Mum in her tracks before she had the chance to wade through the carnage.

It was bad. I couldn't even pretend it was a spare room (which would have been bad enough) because in my flustered state, I explained that the kids were using our bathroom so as not to make a mess. Even if the bedroom had been pristine, it would have been most cringe-worthy. But that room… just hideous. Both Mum and Dad were so lovely about it and laughed a lot. We all did. I’m sure they heard my husband’s roars of laughter coming from the kitchen when he worked out what had happened. However, every part of my body was squirming in embarrassment. And still is.

I’ll be following the KonMari method to the letter in future.

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How I lost my precious digital files and 5 ways to avoid it happening to you

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meeting new baby sister

Today I am going to give you some tips on saving, storing and protecting your digital images.

It’s taken me a while, but I’m finally ready to reveal and acknowledge a disastrous loss of personal photographs that I suffered six years ago. Sound dramatic? It was! Read on to find out all about it, and how not to let it happen to you!

kitten black and white
baby close up ear

Your digital photographs are everywhere; on your computer, your phone, on random USBs hiding away in a drawer, still on your camera, organised on Facebook…… Everywhere.

Perhaps you also share some images to a cloud somewhere and then forget which ones are backed up?

You’d love to print them all one day. To go through them and even make an album. But that feels like a mammoth task.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have every image organised in a simple way? Imagine the peace of mind you’d feel knowing they are as secure as they can be, as well as being easy to find and print quickly! I’m sure I can help you with some of that right now. 

playing in the snow
puppy in garden
Easter egg hunt
children and iphones
games console

My disaster

It all happened almost 6 years ago, but it’s only now that I can bear to contemplate it. It was April 2013. I was looking through my precious images trying to decide which ones to print for my mum’s birthday.

My 14 month old son climbed onto my knee and placed a magnet on top of my laptop, which wrecked the hard drive. The laptop where I stored all of my images. The images which weren’t backed up or printed.

It cost me over £400 for a retrieval attempt. I would have paid anything to try to rescue just some of those files. The experts salvaged about half of them. Those ‘saved’ files are recognisable as photographs, but many have rainbow lines over them and all are of extremely low quality.

I felt like I’d lost not just the photographs, but a huge part of my life at that time.

Back then (as an emotional new mother) I felt like I’d lost not just the photographs, but a huge part of my life at that time. Like the previous 14 months didn’t really happen. Those sleepy moments that I photographed to look back on when I had more energy. Those adorable neck creases only newborns have. The downy hair on his shoulders. All gone.

How could I have allowed that to happen? It’s almost comedic if it wasn’t so tragic; magnet to computer under the watchful eye of someone who should know better. Even now, I feel uneasy writing this and grieve for the lost memories.

However, I may have lost some beautiful images of my own babies, but I can provide you with amazing photographs of your own children and, from today, can guide you to keeping your files safe.

Ready? Here’s my advice on how to organise and store your images easily and securely.

home photograph baby girl
brother and sister with cat
child and butterfly
  1. Upload your images as soon as you’ve taken them

It’s tempting to leave your images on your camera until the next time you need to use it. But it takes no time at all to upload them. Trust me- it’s the start to having organised files.

2. Do not save images onto your computer

Use an external hard drive to store your photographs. This will help keep files organised as well as keep your computer running smoothly. A computer running slowly because it’s loaded full of images, is no fun to work on.

3. Use the cloud

Advice I wish I’d taken in 2013; make sure the important images are backed up.

I back up all of my personal shots to Amazon Photos. Amazon offers free unlimited online storage to Prime members, so it’s worth checking out if you already subscribe to Amazon Prime.

You may also like Backblaze. (I use this for client work.)

4. Organise your files in a simple way

An elaborate filing system might look impressive, but a simple solution is more likely to work for you; ensuring you follow it every time (OK, most times) and can find anything you’re looking for instantly.

Here’s what I do;

I use a new external hard drive every year and label it with the date.

There are 12 folders in there, one for each month.

Every time I use my camera, I upload the files into the relevant folder and give them a specific name, such as ‘walk at Crathes’. Labelling your folders according to what they are, rather than the date, means it’s easy to find what you’re looking for later.

Keep a ‘favourites’ or ‘to print’ folder on your desktop and get into the habit of copying your favourite images from each collection to there. This makes it really easy to go back at a later date to choose the images you want to print. You could even get that album made at the end of each year as you won’t have to wade through thousands of images to find what you need.

5. Print

Turn that invisible vulnerable digital file into a photograph that exists in real life by printing it.

Many online printing services do a great job. I recommend DS Colour Labs to clients. Photobox is also a good shout for reasonably priced albums (and file backup too, actually!).

Bring them to life. Do the right thing and let your images be seen. You won’t regret it.

girl cuddling toys

I would love to know how you go about organising your digital files. Have you had any mishaps that have taught you the hard way? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page.